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Children need a different approach to teaching and learning as compared to adults. Learning becomes more receptive when it is offered in a fun-filled way. Worksheets offer the benefit of learning with fun and take away the burden of textbooks. Worksheets facilitate ease of learning and knowledge retention in young minds. To make the learning process an enjoyable experience we have created colourful, interactive and interesting worksheets.Parents and teachers can utilise our free printable worksheets to introduce a topic, revise a concept or to assess a learner. 

These are the foundation years of a child. At this age children continue to develop their gross and fine motor skills by scribbling, playing and doing numerous fine motor activities. Their language skills are progressing at an exponential speed. Our worksheets are designed in such a way that the child will have fun, along with enhancing his/her language skills and developing fine motor skills. 

Once the child has mastered the fine motor skills and has got a good pincer grip, begins the actual writing process. During this year children will start recognising alphabets, pictures related to alphabets and letter sounds. The worksheets of this age group are primarily focusing on familiarising the children with the writing process of letters, numbers, reading and relating the sounds with pictures, objects and logical thinking. These interactive worksheets will guide parents and teachers to facilitate the learning in a fun way.

At this age, most of the children feel comfortable with writing letters, numbers and recognising the letter sounds. They are ready to take the next step in the world of literacy, numeracy, logical thinking and knowing the world around them. The worksheets for this age group are carefully designed for them to enhance and challenge their learning and at the same time not to dishearten them with boring or too difficult worksheets. Our colourful and interactive worksheets will help you and the child the best learning experience.

Your preschooler has learnt to read and write simple words and soon will begin with sentences. By the end of the year, your child will take pride in reading small stories to you and will be able to frame simple sentences. He/she is beginning to write sentences with capital letters and full stop. Has learnt counting, writing numbers and practiced a lot of logical thinking activities. Now, the child is ready to take the next step and our worksheets will guide the child in this learning journey.

Now, the time has come for your child to explore the world of reading and writing by him/herself.  Six years onward, the child will keep progressing to become an independent reader, problem solver, logical thinker and a decision maker. Our content for this age group will guide the child to master all these skills while having fun. 

The point of reading is not to make sounds in your brain or out loud, but rather, to understand important lessons, stories and arguments. By understanding what we read, we pick up important information, understand scientific theories, past opinions and new frontiers. Having excellent reading comprehension skills are crucial. It increases the enjoyment and effectiveness of reading and helps not only academically, but professionally, and in a person’s personal life. Our reading comprehension worksheets help children to master reading and writing skills. There are also questions to measure a child’s understanding.

When it comes to Hindi Worksheets and Resources, we find very limited resources as compared to English and Maths. I will try my best to make as many interactive and colorful worksheets and flashcards for Hindi as well, so that children can enjoy learning Hindi as much as they enjoy English. 

Mathematics is not about only learning numbers, its about understanding and playing with numbers. For young learners it covers many basic concepts like shapes, colors, pre-maths concepts and logical thinking. The child learns pre-math concepts related to measurement such as big and small, tall and short, near and far, heavy and light etc. in his/her early years. Sorting and segregating the objects based on their attributes, introduces the child to logical thinking. Child learns numbers along with quantifying the objects and writing them. All these important areas are covered in our worksheets in such a way that the child will love the subject.

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